Yes, I know I’m a terrible blogger. You would think from the emails from this woman, ( Kim ) that only read “UPDATE YO’ DAYUM BLOG”…….and then this woman, ( Aleida ) calling me out in front of people telling them I’m a terrible blogger you would think that would be enough for me to keep this thing updated. BUT it ain’t! What can I say….I try!

Well, it’s been extremely busy the last couple of weeks. I made it through the little girls birthday, then we had to turn around and celebrate the hubby’s BIG 4-0! Let’s just say we had enough food to feed about 80 people, and we ran out!! I lost count of how many people walked through our door. It was a busy weekend from Friday until Sunday evening. We had friends come in town on Friday and stay with us. The boys went out and celebrated, while the girls did a little hanging out on our own! Let’s just say Margrita’s, good food, and great laughs go well together! On of “Big C’s” friend brought his wife with him, and she’s a sweet heart….her husband is so not deserving of her (but I’ll leave that alone) we had a good time! So good of a time I have a cup in my hand all weekend long!!! YUM

So now that that’s over, I’ve been recovering! Its hard partying all weekend….so this past weekend I stayed in the bed! LOL Well, I did try to finish up my Circle Journal……and I’m almost finish! I must say I’ve seen some of the peeks of those in our group, and we have a very talented bunch of women. Can’t wait to get my hands on them and fondle them. LOL it’s just something about all the different papers and textures! See what I mean….look at this, this and this one, oh yeah and this one! it should be an interesting ride over the next months, these women seem to have a wonderful personality. Well, I guess i can’t show theirs without showing mine, right. Well, here ya go! If you look closely you can even see part of my layout. Gotta love Hambly!!

Well, I’m out for now! Peace ~Mye


I made it

….through my daughter’s first slumber party! Lucky we were able to hold out until the 8th year, but now I’m sure it won’t be anymore slumber parties happening any time soon. Thanks goodness we got off easy, because of the holiday many of her friends went out of town or had other plans. So we only had a total of 4 girls….which we later found out to be plenty!! I’m so glad that’s over!! And glad she had a good time! I so see a mini album coming real soon! With all of that going on this weekend, I wasn’t able to do much scrapping…well to be honest I wasn’t able to much of anything this weekend. 

Never, say never! That’s what my mom use to tell me, but of course I don’t listen too well. After participating in a Circle Journal group on a site we’ll leave unspoken, and never receiving my journal I said I would never paricipate in a circle journal group again. Well, with all that said I’m participating in another circle journal group. LOL,, So beginning now 10 lovely ladies are planning their circle journals. I must admit I’m excited and have already gotten started. My topic this time is “Your Groove”, It’s all about What Music do you groove to…, what tunes make you feel good down to your soul, you know whatever genre/song gets you up out of your seat and makes you shake-a-leg! Here’s a little sneaky peek for ya!

Peace Out!

Mye ~

Happy Birthday wishes to my little girl….we celebrated her 8th birthday today!! She’s growing up to be such a beautiful girl.

Just a Quickie

Blog Post that is…….

Well another month has gone by, it always seems like time in the summer goes so quickly. Glad to know that today was my Friday at work, it’s only a 2 day work week for me. Now time to sit back and chill out with the fam. Not too much going on here, though it seems like I’m still having major problems keeping my blog updated. It’s not like I don’t have anything to say, sometimes I think time just gets by me and the next thing I know is the day is gone. Making mental note to do better!

Therapy is still going on, I must admit I’m about tired of it. I tried to get my therapist to release me, but it wasn’t happening today. I’m down to two days a week now, but I can tell my wrist is getting much better. So thankful for that…..but it seem like my grip strength is increasing slowly, it looks like until I get to about 85% percent I’ll be continuing therapy a little while longer. Currently, I got about 50% of my grip strength…..so just a little more to go! All in all it’s improving, which is all good!

On the scrappy tip…..I’ve only been playing a little bit here and there. I did do a layout for Scrapping the Music Challenge Site. And guess what….I won the challenge! Couldn’t believe it, but I did. Check out the layout…..it was inspired by Duke Ellington’s Sentimental Mood, picked by my girl Alieda. Whatcha think?

Smooches ;o) Mye

Creativity Peeks

So what’s been up? I must say thinks have been moving along over here. Can’t complain/won’t complain cuz life is good! Though I did start therapy this week and it’s kicking a sista in the boo-ty! I wanted to cry yesterday, but I held it in like big girl, ran home and popped some of those drugs they gave me! Then I was out!! I promise I’ve been keeping up with my home exercises, but I must admit it’s hard to come home after therapy and continue bending my wrist! OUCH!!It has been a joy to be able to function almost like normal, I feel so blessed……my break could have been so much worst. And to say I’ve been rollerskating since I was 3, fell many times over the years, and didn’t break a bone until I was in my 30’s……I think that’s something to be grateful for! And will I be back on my wheels……Most Definitely!!! One little break won’t stop this show! Oh, back to the reason for the new paragraph….I’ve been pretty productive, and my mojo is finally flowing once again! And it feels good!!! I’m going to a crop this weekend, and I want to be productive so I’ve been in planning mode for the last few weeks. I’m almost packed and ready to go. Here’s a few peeks for ya! Hope to have more to share later! Enjoy the weekend!

Smooches 😉


 A Few Peeks


Castoff ;-)

Yes, I know long time no here from…..but I had to make a few adjustments. First, I’d like to say the cast if finally off!! Ya! I was suppose to get it cut off the day after Memorial Day, but I couldn’t take it and I cut it off myself the Friday before! Yes, I sure did….I cut that sucka off!! I figured a few more days wasn’t going to hurt anything. So needless to say when I walked in there for my appointment my doctor had a few words for me. But all is good, I have thearpy scheduled for a month, three times a week. It’s still a little sore and I hardly have any flexibility at all but being without the cast is a blessing. Say a little prayer for me because I have no idea how they are going to get my wrist to move like it use to!

Oh, how do you like my new spot? I figure since I blog so much (LOL) it was about time for me to look into a free blog. With gas $4.00 a gallon I can’t be waisting money, now can I. So I figured I give wordpress a try.
We’ll see how it goes.

I almost forgot to mention……I can get back to scrapping. I have so many unfinished items on my desk. Hopefully I’ll be able to share soon!